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Here in the panhandle of West Texas, we are accustomed to the lawlessness of the weather. Enduring blistering triple digit temperatures and events like Winter Storm Goliath can be detrimental to your paved surfaces. Sealing is the cost efficient way to increase the lifespan and appearance of your parking lots.

Seal coating is a liquid emulsion applied to pavement with brushes and sprays. Not only does it prevent damage from weathering elements, but it also provides a protective barrier between asphalt surfaces and the inevitable oil spills and leaks we have all experienced. Maintaining your asphalted areas using this method of preservation can greatly increase its life expectancy. Aside from keeping asphalt intact and healthy, sealing drastically improves the appearance of a property. Like a new coat of paint, sealing restores the sleek, black look that makes your parking lot or driveway feel brand new!

Seal Coating on a Church Parking Lot in Lubbock Texas

How do I know I need this service?

  1. How old is your asphalt surface? Sealing should occur 6-12 months after the new asphalt is laid. After that, you should reseal every 3-5 years depending on traffic and weather patterns.
  2. How has the weather been lately? Hot, hot summers and freezing, wet winters will wear down areas quickly. At the end of an icy season, contact us to get ahead of wear and tear!
  3. What does the asphalt look like? Begin by looking for overall deterioration. Cracks in the surface and gray areas are signs that it’s time to book another sealing refresher.

At Caprock Paving, we can quickly rejuvenate asphalt surfaces with a quality sealant. Throughout decades of service, we have perfected techniques that provide high quality service while still offering honest prices. Our attention to detail is impeccable. We’ll keep sealant off the edges of your landscaping and sidewalks. Additionally, your home or business can continue to operate while we renew and protect one of the most valuable assets on your property.