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Crack fill for blog
Crack-filler on a lot in Plainview Texas before seal coating

Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature. Whether it causes damage quickly in a torrential rain or slowly through icy erosion, it is a relentless element that cannot be controlled. When a downpour comes, our cars are pulled into garages and our pets are brought inside. Still, one of your most important investments is left to endure nature’s elements. 

The best way to protect your parking areas and driveways is to maintain them while they’re new through a pavement maintenance plan. A key aspect of these plans is crack filling. Over time, asphalt will start to show spidery cracks throughout the surface. Initially, these are easily ignored and seen as a cosmetic issue. However, water seeps into these small spaces and causes erosion. This detrimental process is accelerated during the winter when the water freezes and expands under your pavement. Now these unsightly cracks will progress into dangerous potholes. Not only do potholes drastically decrease the curb appeal of your property, they cause hazards for pedestrians and traffic. In short, crack filling extends the life of your asphalt and is much more economical than waiting until you need numerous potholes fixed or even a completely brand new surface.

How do I know I need this service?

  1. When was the last time you had this benefit provided? Crack filling should occur every 1-2 years. While this may seem often, the cost to simply fill cracks and maintain a quality surface is worth it.
  2. Can I see cracks in the surface? Luckily, this is a very easy problem to spot and solve. As the cracks grow, they will start to fill with debris and become increasingly obvious. 

Here at Caprock Paving, we use hot pour crack sealants to repair breaks in your asphalt’s surface. The cracks will be cleared of all debris before being effectively sealed. This will drastically improve the life expectancy and appearance of your parking lot or driveway.