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Everyone loves a freshly finished parking lot. At minimum, this usually involves a fresh coat of sealant and vibrant, yellow stripes. However, here at Caprock Paving, we know that the beauty of an asphalt surface goes much deeper than that.

The first, and arguably most important, step in creating a quality driveway or parking lot is constructing an appropriate base layer to support your needs. Your experience will begin with a consultation to determine exactly what those needs are. Things that might be considered include residential vs. commercial, type and frequency of traffic, and drainage concerns. Once the process begins, you will see failed materials being removed from the site while new resources are brought in. The new soil will be leveled and custom contoured based on the drainage plan and appropriate asphalt thickness. Since standing water damages asphalt quickly, it is important to have a correctly sloped foundation. This will allow runoff to flow into designated areas instead of sitting, stagnant, on your property.

How do I know if I need this service?

  1. Do you have an area that has never been paved? Calling us for a consultation is the way to get started! We will determine your needs and devise a plan to ensure a quality foundation for a new asphalt surface.
  2. Is your current surface showing advanced signs of damage and aging? Many issues can be resolved with cosmetic procedures such as seal coating and crack filling. However, if your paved property has become overwhelmed with cracks, potholes, and flooding, it could be time to start over.

The opportunity to start from scratch and ensure that your surface will be structurally sufficient for years to come is rare and valuable. Establishing a strong foundation will vastly increase the life and quality of your pavement.